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Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural Scale System

Purer water for healthier animals. An important step toward promoting herd health, the LP-3000 Chlorinator sanitizes water to effectively fight waterborne disease in farm and small municipal applications. Protect against E. coli, water-based parasites, viruses and algae, while eliminating the organic scum and iron slime that clog pipes, valves and watering cups.

For farmers and ranchers, clean, bacterially-treated water is essential for herd and business survival. The LP-3000 chlorination system delivers water reliably in volumes that ensure a host of valueable advantages such as: Disease prevention -- effectively eliminate E. coli bacteria, parasites, viruses, algae, organic scum and iron slime; Reliability -- prevent ochre slude grom building up on pumps, valves and water bowls; Refill ease -- uses long-lasting dry pellet chlorine for low cost operation and easy maintenance.

Here's the LP-3000's pedigree in a nutshell:

  • The LP-3000 Chlorinator addresses the problem at its source, using an easy dry chlorination system to treat the entire below-ground well system... including a short surge into the aquifer to keep well screens free of gummy iron ochre deposits.
  • Compact system mounts easily to a standard well casing.
  • Delivers clean, bacterially safe water for animal use.
  • Easy access hopper for replenishing chlorine pellets, designed for long lasting chlorine delivery.
  • Automatic reversing clutch keeps pellets from jamming, extending system life.
  • Easy to handle, EPA-registered pellets (reg. No. 50510-1).
  • LP-3000 pellets are certified by NSA International to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for use with potable water..
  • Material safety certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 by the Water Quality Association.
  • The LP-3000 Chlorinator is an easy and reliable way to add a dose of reassuring protection against the dangers posed by a waterborne pathogen.

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